The Art Of Being Workshops & Retreats

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Therapeutic  & Exploratory Art 6 Day Programme

Includes: 6 Art Workshop Days, LunchCourse Materials (Canvases, paint, and brushes, etc) although individuals are encouraged to bring along their own paintbrushes and mixed media if they would like.

Excludes: Accomodation, Flights & Travel Arrangements

04617 Palomares, Almeria, SPAIN

June 13th 2022

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Discover How Art Can Help You To Find Direction, Healing, Increased Abundance & Bring Clarity And Insight To Your Life  

Learn to go with the flow, allowing yourself to be guided by the spirit when making beautiful and personal artwork.

Facilitates positive learning and exploration of the self, through artistic activities that enable others to enhance well – being, lift self-esteem, and find new direction and focus.   
Participants learn new holistic and artistic skills and at the same time improve well-being.
For beginners and advanced an inspirational and creative experience 

Summary Of Activities for the week .

(Detailed Itinerary Will Be Sent Prior To Retreat Start Date after Confirmation Of Bookings)

Day 1                   

Connecting with the self and exploring the future self Includes Meditation, Mandala, Mask Creation, and Shamanic Art activities

Day 2                  

Understanding the balance between shades and seeing the light within the dark. Looking in more detail at the individual’s perspective and representation of fear.   

Day 3                   

The power of affirmations and how Art can become an anchor and aid to positive empowerment. Includes meditation, discussion and Affirmational Artwork.

Day 4                  

Focusing on self – worth, love, and connecting with the love of art. Includes Self Healing, relaxation, and meditations to reconnect with heart’s desire leading to the creation of an Artwork inspired by prose.

Day 5                   

Focusing on the use of music as an inspiration for creating Art. Includes Meditation to open up audio senses, painting, and collage creation using music and lyrics as a stimulus.

Day 6                   

Looking beyond the reality on a higher level to create beautiful inspirational Art.  Includes Meditation To open up channels to spirit, automatic Art, and Intuitive Painting.

Palomares is an agricultural, fishing, and tourist town along the Mediterranean Sea in the Almería province of Andalusia, Spain. It is about 20 meters above sea level. The village falls within the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora. The ruins of El Artial lie just outside the village.