Soul Painting Commisions

I get my inspiration and guidance in the creation of a painting by tuning in to a person’s energies and with the assistance of my spirit guides, I channel imagery and emotion from the past and the present.   Often it is instant that I get a sense of what the elements of composition and then I sketch out and discuss initial ideas. Sometimes though it can take a little longer as every individual life journey can be complex.

The connection is a journey in itself as I gently lift off the layers to reveal a person’s soul calling or purpose and on occasion, these revelations continue to happen even after I have begun painting.  It is a transformational process from the first conversation to final paint stroke and the link between myself and the client is maintained throughout and my aim is to create a personal artwork that will bring calmness and healing both to the person and their surroundings.

One of my main areas of expertise is Past Life’ and throughout my working life and research, I have discovered that everyone has a past life story’ that has an effect on our present and some of these aspects can be brought to life as part of a painting’s content. This past life imagery can offer facilitation in a person’s understanding and healing of the present.

When ordering a Personal Soul Journey’ Painting there will be an initial conversation to agree on the size, personal colour scheme, and theme if desired and the painting will be created on the basis of our mutual agreement.  The price is dependant on an individual’s requirements.

I can create inspirational art paintings in various sizes both for private homes and companies, domestic as well as internationally for exterior and interior.

All you have to do is to contact me and I will guide you further in the creation of your personal painting.