Exterior Summer House Mural, Netherhayes 2018

In 2018 I was approached by the manager at Netherhayes Residential Home, Seaton in Devon to paint the walls of their outside summer house. many of the residents suffer from dimension and the chosen design and bright use of different colours has been proven to make life a little easier for them where difficulties with sight and perception can fuel confusion and isolation they are already feeling.

Sunflower’s Mural Netherhaye’s 2018

Following the success of the Summer house project, I was approached again to start some new projects, this time inside the building. The aim was to brighten up the general living area and making it a more appealing place to stay. I was asked to paint a mural on each floor which blended in with the chosen colour of doors and framework. The sunflower themed mural was painted on two large boards then various bees and butterflies were painted directly onto the wall over and around the doors to give the impression of movement and continuity of the main picture.

Poppy Mural Netherhayes 2019

This was the second mural indoors at the residential home and the poppy countryside painting matched in with the red doors and frames of the first floor.

Oasis Interior Murals, Palomares, Spain 2019

Shortly after moving to Spain in 2019 I was offered the opportunity of enhancing the interior of a local bar. There were various panels the owner wanted a variety of pictures depicting elements of both the Spanish and English countryside. The project was completed over 3 days coinciding with general redecoration.

Palm Tree & Bamboo Garden Mural Palomare’s Spain 2020

A private back garden project the client wished to have a feeling she was surrounded by trees and plants making use of the plant pots by incorporating them into the design. A simple and effective idea which required very little maintenance.

Exterior Window Wall Mural Vera Playa, Spain 2021

This mural was a representation of the pulpit rock in Norway. The clients wanted to have a taste of their home country imprinted on the wall. They had a window frame made do fix to the wall in their outdoor dining area. Once complete it gave the appearance of a real view from a window.

Native American Indian Wall Mural Arbeoleus, Spain 2020

Just after the first lockdown in Spain a fellow reiki master was looking for an artist to paint a native theme on her exterior garden wall. The completion of this took a while longer than the others because of weather conditions and a car breakdown during the process however I persevered and the wall was eventually finished.

Exterior Pool Wall Mural Vera, Spain, 2021

This project was exactly that and an opportunity to express my creativity. Completion was halted because of lockdown and weather conditions.

Interior Wall Mural Turre, Spain, 2021

One of my most recent works was an interior wall project. The client the mural to depict an outside courtyard looking out to a sea view. The colours and elements of the view were chosen by the client and represented precious memories of her time in Greece. This project was completed over 4 days.

Exterior Wall Mural Peurto Rey, Spain, 2021

Another recent work was an exterior wall project that followed shortly after the Turre commission. The client wanted me to recreate a photo of a special place she liked to visit in Villaricos. This project was completed over 4 days.

Interior Wall Mural Palomares, Spain, 2021

An exterior wall mural project in Palomares was a fun project reflecting aspects of Spain. The client wanted me to cheer up her view when sitting in the garden. This project was completed over 2 days.

Window Decor Catch Of The Day, Vera Spain, 2022

A Shop Window project in Vera’s Catch Of The Day. Was a fun project to brighten up the exterior. The client wanted me to This project completion time was approximately 4 days however the weather was so uncertain at the time, that the duration of visits was much longer.

Balcony Terrace Mural, Peurto Rey, Spain, 2022

An Exterior Wall on a Balcony Terrace. The client had seen the cave wall on the exterior wall of the apartment below and decided they would love to add a bit of flair to their own holiday apartment. They had a very specific idea in mind of a beach scene including a pelican. This project took a long while as the weather in Spain took a turn for the worse and a project that would normally take 4 days took several weeks.

Outdoor Terrace Decor, Palomares, Spain, 2022

A fun project adding a little bit of art and fun to a roof terrace. The client wanted to add some elements to the plain exterior to add more ambiance when relaxing during the summer months. One of the items she wanted was a makeshift pond. I first painted a canvas and then added the stones and greenery to create more realism. Twinkling lights and solar lamps were a perfect fit when the evening came.