Blue Moon Mermaid

100cm /100cm

Acrylic On Canvas With Shell, Gemstone, Bead & Seaweed Embellishments.

This painting was completed on a blue moon and beginning of the eclipse season in 2017 and sold to a buyer in USA the same year at the end of an eclipse cycle. The mermaid portrait was actually a self portrait from my youth and was one of my most emotionally connected paintings to date. I didn’t put it up for sale and had no inclination to do so until I received an enquiry whilst taking part in an Arts Market in Seaton, Devon. The buyer had seen the painting on my wall when I was recording a live video stream. he said that his girlfriend had seen it on Facebook and had fallen in love with it. He wanted to purchase it for her as a surprise gift. when he said her name I realised she had been the same person who had used the image on her Facebook social group. A friend had told me about it and I had contacted her to let her know the copyright issues but if she wished I would be happy for her to display as long as there was reference to myself. I offered the buyer a copy but he was very keen for the original and put a tempting offer on the table. After a lot and I mean a lot of consideration I agreed to sell but spent a week grieving the painting . It was the first time I realised how much of myself was my art and vice versa.

Purple Moon Mermaid


Acrylic mixed media on canvas with glitter, seaweed and shell finish. Another painting inspired by the full moon in 2020.

Stormy Mermaids


Acrylic on canvas with glitter finish. This painting was inspired by a period of particularly stormy weather and I liked the idea of mermaids with a bit of character about them.

Mermaid On Rock


Acrylic mixed media on canvas with glitter finish. this painting was a small version and portion to the large Mermaids and Dolphins Mural below.

Mermaids And Dolphins Mural 2019