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What If? 

A humorous nonsense rhyming picture book. ‘What if?’ questions just that’ . What if things were not as they first seem what if our dreams are real and the things we fear are actually blessings etc… It is easier to react in a negative way because the brain is more alert to danger and so the ‘what if? questions in our lives can often  become the worst scenarios in our minds. This book aims to encourage the reader to open up the imagination and to use ‘what if’ in an alternative, positive and appealing way. It also reminds us the world is full of possibilities and exactly how magical the mind can be..

Madeline’s Amazing Animals


‘The Grand Village Fete’

The village fete has to be canceled because of the rain and it is Madeline and her animal friends who save the day.

So What If?

​The sequel to ‘What if?’ , ‘So What if? is the perfect book for those who question the way they look. It aids readers  to become the master of their so called’ imperfections and see them in a positive light.   This is an ideal book for those with low self esteem particularly teens.

What If? Christmas Edition

​The 3rd Book In the series ‘What if?’  Taking a look at Christmas from an alternative viewpoint.

Smiley cat

A nonsensical humorous book for both adults and children.