Beginners Art Course

6 Weeks

Would you love to learn to paint but either keep putting it off because you believe you lack creativity, skill, or time?
In this course, I will teach you basic painting techniques to get you started sharing with you how simple it can be to create a wonderful piece of art with little or no experience.
During the course, you will learn about tools, colour mixing, styles, and how to create basic compositions giving you the foundation and confidence to expand further.
The course consists of 6 weekly 2.5 hour sessions
The course covers setup and materials, colour mixing, brush, and palette-knife techniques, as well as mediums.


Introduction Painting Basics, Set Up, Tools, Medium & Styles

Observation & Positioning

Colour Wheel & Mixing Basics


Blending Techniques

Clouds & Sky


Mountains & Trees using different brushes and tools


How to Paint Water, Pond, River & Sea,



Perspective Shadow and Light


Focal Points, Style & Composition

Putting Together And Creating From Observation & Inspiration 

12 Euros a Week (1st two weeks upfront plus extra for Starter kit with brushes if required (please enquire)

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